As a solution to reduce fuel consumption and emissions of carbon dioxide, the use of start-stop technology in the world is expanded. EFB (Enhanced Flooded Battery), as the most advanced type of liquid electrolyte battery, is designed to meet the needs of vehicles with this technology. However, EFB is also suitable for conventional vehicles with high electrical consumption as well as those that require a high number of starts during the day, having high startup power, longer life (at least 2 times) and less internal resistance than conventional batteries, and ability to operate in incomplete charge mode (PSOC).

EFB batteries’ features:

  • Increasing grid corrosion resistance
  • Reducing grid growth by using full-frame grids
  • Reducing the possibility of short circuit and separator rupture
  • Reducing water consumption by using improved alloy
  • Increasing dynamic chargeability: high charging speed
  • Prevent sulfatation of negative plates in PSOC mode
  • Increasing the cyclic life of the battery by improving the positive paste structure
  • Improving battery performance at high discharge depths.